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Misel Disel Partners Up With eBay

Misel Disel was contacted by eBay in September of 2016 to incorporate its products into the eBay online offering.  As a product that their customer base would want, the integration process was finalized with complete product listings in October of 2016. Misel Disel is excited about partnering with eBay and it's over 160,000,000 customers.  The extremely effective and highly sought after Misel Disel for MEN and WOMEN will both be featured in the Health & Beauty/Shaving & Hair Removal category. The addition of Misel Disel to eBay will afford faithful patrons an additional procurement avenue, as well as introduce new consumers to...

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Misel Disel Joins The Fight To Knock Out Kidney Disease

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, Misel Disel proudly supported the Universal Kidney Foundation's Knock Out Kidney Disease Charity Event in Flint, MI.  The event raised money and awareness by featuring exhibition bouts consisting of professional boxers Chris Byrd, Anthony Dirrell, Andre Dirrell, and Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields and others.   The Universal Kidney Foundation was founded in 2008 in       response to the need for providing assistance to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and kidney related illnesses in Flint, Michigan and greater Genesee County. The economic impact due to the loss of jobs in the area, resulting in...

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Misel Disel Goes International

  After quickly saturating the United States marketplace by fulfilling orders throughout the country via and, Misel Disel for men has officially launched in Canada. Canadian consumers are utilizing as the procurement vehicle to enjoy the shaving benefits of Misel Disel for men. The continuous goal of Misel Disel is to provide consumers with a shave without equal each and every time. Misel Disel for men features the perfect combination of pure and natural oils that provide the smoothest shave imaginable. Its unique formulation provides a supremely smooth layer of protection for the skin when shaving, which...

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Misel Disel Strokes A Partnership With Innovative Swim Product Company Pace Pal LLC

Misel Disel, the product that is revolutionizing shaving has partnered with PACE PAL®, the inventors of the patented underwater pace clock used by both amateur and professional swimmers to improve turns, pacing sets, sighting and much more. Misel Disel significantly improves the shaving experience more so than any product on today’s market. As a patent pending and uniquely formulated combination of pure and natural oils, Misel Disel™ will provide a shave without equal each and every time. Realizing the astounding benefits that Misel Disel provides for a remarkably smooth shave for face, head and body it was decided that partnering...

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Retired Circuit Court Judge Utilizes Misel Disel Before Indoor Triathlon Victory

Retired Circuit Court Judge and current attorney Val Washington is pictured far right with fellow Team Senior Powered teammates George Rasch far left and Michael Heberling center. Washington 62, Rasch 61, and Heberling 63 took first place in Saturday’s 2015 Indoor Triathlon being held at Genesys Athletic Club in Grand Blanc, MI. The format for the event was 20 minutes for swim, bike, and run.  Points were assigned for how many laps of the pool you could swim in the 20 minutes, how far you could cycle on a stationary bike in the 20 minutes and how many laps you...

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