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Retired Circuit Court Judge Utilizes Misel Disel Before Indoor Triathlon Victory

Retired Circuit Court Judge and current attorney Val Washington is pictured far right with fellow Team Senior Powered teammates George Rasch far left and Michael Heberling center.

Washington 62, Rasch 61, and Heberling 63 took first place in Saturday’s 2015 Indoor Triathlon being held at Genesys Athletic Club in Grand Blanc, MI.

The format for the event was 20 minutes for swim, bike, and run.  Points were assigned for how many laps of the pool you could swim in the 20 minutes, how far you could cycle on a stationary bike in the 20 minutes and how many laps you cold run in the 20 minutes.  Washington swam for an amazing 47 laps, Rasch biked 11.5 miles, and Heberling ran 12 laps.  Senior Powered earned 252.25 points out of a possible 300.

Well prepared for the event due to extensive training and phenomenal conditioning, Washington also incorporated a body shave prior to the event with Misel Disel providing the foundation for that body shave. He stated, “The closeness of the shave provided both a physical and psychological advantage as I felt as though my body was gliding through the water with silky skin that was clean as a whistle with Misel Disel!”

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