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The Shaving Revolution Has Begun...

and Misel Disel is the product leading the revolution.  As March ushers in a refreshing change of weather, the smell of fresh green grass, flowers full of color and life, this March ushers in the dawn of a new era in shaving.

We proudly introduce you to Misel Disel!

What is Misel Disel?

Misel Disel is The Shave Enhancer.  The Foundation.  The Conduit for a shave WITHOUT EQUAL!

As a patent pending and uniquely formulated shave enhancer, Misel Disel unequivocally provides you with the best shave that you have ever had.  Does it matter what kind of razor is used? NO.  Does it matter what kind of shaving cream is used? NO.  Does it only work for certain skin colors? NO.  Does it only work on blemish free skin types? NO.  Misel Disel establishes the foundation for the shave making the other products within the process interchangeable.  No expensive shaving cream is required!  No specialty razor is required!  We understand that fancy packed razors and shaving kits are all the rage, along with the continuously revolving commercials promoting the next new shaving razor that provides that greatest shave ever.  Even more so than the previously promoted razor that was destined to provide the greatest shave ever.  The bottom line is the razor doesn’t matter, the creams and gels don’t matter!  What does matter is creating the foundation for your face prior to shaving…and then you will see what a shave WITHOUT EQUAL feels like.

We encourage you to take the Misel Disel challenge:

1.  Can you use ANY type of razor and still obtain this ideal shave?
2.  Can you use ANY shaving cream or gel and achieve a great shave?
3.  How long can you use a razor or blade before needing to replace it?
4.  Does your skin stay protected during and after shaving?
5.  How does your skin feel after applying Misel Disel as your after shave soother?
6.  Will Misel Disel provide you with the best shave you've ever had?


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