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Misel Disel Strokes A Partnership With Innovative Swim Product Company Pace Pal LLC

Misel Disel, the product that is revolutionizing shaving has partnered with PACE PAL®, the inventors of the patented underwater pace clock used by both amateur and professional swimmers to improve turns, pacing sets, sighting and much more.

Misel Disel significantly improves the shaving experience more so than any product on today’s market. As a patent pending and uniquely formulated combination of pure and natural oils, Misel Disel™ will provide a shave without equal each and every time.

Realizing the astounding benefits that Misel Disel provides for a remarkably smooth shave for face, head and body it was decided that partnering with PACE PAL® and company President Larry Day was a great fit. Larry is a true visionary, inventor, and avid swimmer with an amazing story highlighted by his triumphant return from a heart attack to break two world records in the 400 IM and 200 fly in the 60-64 age group and creating products for the casual swimmer to those going for Gold.

As Larry Day puts it, “Misel Disel provides an amazingly smooth, close shave that saves wear and tear on the skin. I am truly impressed.” Misel Disel looks forward to a long productive partnership with PACE PAL®, as well as providing a shave without equal for everyone in the marketplace. 

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