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Misel Disel Partners Up With eBay

Misel Disel was contacted by eBay in September of 2016 to incorporate its products into the eBay online offering.  As a product that their customer base would want, the integration process was finalized with complete product listings in October of 2016.
Misel Disel is excited about partnering with eBay and it's over 160,000,000 customers.  The extremely effective and highly sought after Misel Disel for MEN and WOMEN will both be featured in the Health & Beauty/Shaving & Hair Removal category.
The addition of Misel Disel to eBay will afford faithful patrons an additional procurement avenue, as well as introduce new consumers to the shaving and skin benefits that Misel Disel provides.
The Misel Disel for MEN eBay listing can be found here: eBay 
The Misel Disel for WOMEN eBay listing can be found here: eBay

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