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Misel Disel Shave Enhancer for Women - 50ML

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Produced with 100% pure and natural oils, Misel Disel for Women will provide you with the smoothest and most moisturized shave that you have ever had while eliminating the need for shaving cream or gel.

Misel Disel for Women does not clog the razor, nor leave the skin oily wile allowing for a smooth glide along the skin during shaving. Friction, tugging, pulling, irritation and stubble are all eliminated during shaving while leaving the skin protected and extremely smooth to the touch.

For a comfortable and pleasing shave, wet the area to be shaved with hot water, massage in Misel Disel for Women and enjoy your smooth shave.

Perfectly Formulated for Use on LEGS | UNDERARMS | BIKINI AREA | FULL BODY

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